Bronze is made to be lasting and tactile. When a sculpture reaches monumental size it allows for the complete experience. Viewers are invited to become a part of the artistic experience in a special and intimate way. It is the greatest honor to have people drawn to touch and become part of a work that I have created. Scroll down to view entire portfolio.

Apron Strings

The monument sized “Apron Strings” is a stunning piece. Each Sculpture in the edition is individually worked by had creating the same overall form but significantly different textures and details. This Sculpture can also be split into two individual pieces which can be purchased separately.

Bugle III-Overlook

A lone elk calls for a mate in this treasured piece which stands at 4’x 2’x 16″ This is one of 15 editions completed in 2013.



Cotton and Clementine are 48″ tall.

Click on image to view slideshow.


“Flow” is a high relief bronze mural and was commissioned by the Vermont Law School to honor Alan Panabaker’s passion for the enjoyment and preservation of our rivers. This piece is on permanent display at the Vermont Law School in South Royalton,VT. in the students workroom of the schools Environmental Law Clinic.




Kay Clagett Plaque

This piece was commissioned by The Strings Music Festival in recognition of 30 years of service by beloved founding member and Executive Director, Kay Clagett.



Created for the Scottsbluff Public School foundation. This piece represents the love of Learning and the grace and power that is instilled in those who take on the task.

Steamboat Story

“Chamber Legacy” was created for the Steamboat Chamber of Commerce. It represents the three major industries of the valley , skiing, mining, and ranching, and the youthful vitality of the people that call Steamboat Springs their home.


“Lullabies” was created for the Yampa Valley Medical Center. Inspired by the “Art Nouveau” movement, Sandy used the words of well known lullabies and a beautiful Spanish Lullaby- written by contemporary singer/songwriter, Ivan Rizo, to inspire the visual images that she created.

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