steamboatstoryCommissions are an important part of my work. I feel honored to have been chosen to create works for several schools, companies, and organizations in the last few years. I truly enjoy this type of work as it brings me close to the people that appreciate Bronze sculpture and know the power of the medium.

Creating commissions requires a huge amount of planning and communication. I enjoy developing ideas for clients and working with them to have the goals of their projects realized. This type of work takes time and attention to detail. I often start with a client interview. Next I draw some conceptual designs to get the process started in the right direction. When we have settled on an idea I like to create the piece as a “maquette” or a miniature size.


Once the piece has mmulti-color-knob-plateet approval of the client, we go ahead and create it in the final size, which is often quite large.  Smaller pieces can be simply made and approved in the final size. Many people assume that having art commissioned is risky because the outcome is at first unknown. I believe that the process that I follow takes the fear out of the equation because I work so closely with the individuals involved in the planning process.

Large or one-of-a-kind commissions can be quite expensive but the cost of the work can be managed in many different ways depending on the purpose of the work and the audience. Maquettes can be cast and sold to help fund a larger size piece. Portions of the final piece can be cast and sold. Depending on the organization or individual and the type of piece, sometimes I maintain the rights to the editions and sell them separately to offset the overall costs to the client.

Please feel free to inquire. Asking questions and brainstorming is free and fun.