Close to my heart is the creation of realistic sculpture. I love the detail and attention needed to create figurative work that is believable. Most of my realistic work is figurative. I enjoy the challenge of conveying an emotion or bringing back memories for my viewers. Scroll down to view entire portfolio.

Birth Prayer

“Birth Prayer” is the essence of being pregnant. The experience of nature taking over the body. The deep red patina connects the mother to the earth. Slowly the color lightens through the heart and brightens into gold, which represents the ethereal experience of knowing that there is a bigger purpose in life than the self.

Kay Clagett Plaque

This piece was commissioned by The Strings Music Festival in recognition of 30 years of service by beloved founding member and Executive Director, Kay Clagett.


Luce Pipher


Luce is a ledgend in the ranching communities of Western Colorado.  He lives and works on his ranch just south of Crawford.

Steamboat Story

“Steamboat Story / Chamber Legacy” is the maquette for the life-size piece created for the Steamboat Chamber of Commerce. It represents the three major industries of the County in the youthful and innovative playtime of children.

Summer Reading

A memoir to the lazy days of summer as a child. To read as much as one wants, as many different books as one could possibly dream of.

Surveying the Valley

The American Cowboy is represented in “Surveying the Valley”. He is quietly taking stock of all that he has as he looks down through the valley. While he has virtually nothing everything that he can see is his to enjoy.

The Turtle

“The Turtle” was my first sculpture that I cast in bronze. The kids are quietly playing with their pet turtle and relaxing in the summer afternoon.